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Artisan Acoustics distributes SB Acoustics loudspeaker kits and drivers in Southeast Asia outside of Indonesia. We are based in Singapore with dealers in Malaysia.

Who is sb acoustics?

Sinar Baja Electric (Indonesia) is 40 year veteran in loudspeaker manufacturing. They makes everything in-house from casting of the woofer baskets to the piano gloss cabinets.

Danesian Audio was founded by industry veterans responsible for a myriad of revolutionary & famous danish loudspeaker drivers.

SB Acoustics is a marriage of these two combining danish speaker heritage, rigorous quality control with Indonesian productivity and value. SB has created an affordable line of products without compromising performance.

We dare say our products will always have the best value for performance when compared against any product from any origin.

Danish Pedigree

They are designed by Danesian Audio, SB's wholly owned consultancy of Danish engineers that designed some of the top loudspeakers and drivers in the world.

Here are the C series kits in Lamborghini Orange, one of the finishes available.

Professional Cabinetry

All SB kits comes with professional cabinets in piano gloss finishes.

These Ara bookshelf with the beryllium tweeter upgrade are in Piano Gloss Black cabinets.

Danish Aesthetics

SB loudspeakers design is minimalist, function follows form & distinctly Danish.

They are bound to start conversations from your house guests.

Meticulously Designed

SB Cabinets are not run of the mill boxes. They are designed to maximize the performance of the SB drivers and avoid parallel walls to reduce internal reflections.

These are the Rinjani cabinet design showing the attention to detail and various considerations to obtain maximum performance.

So easy, a 9 year old can do it

The crossover comes assembled and tested.

Even the wiring comes with right size connectors so there will not be any mistakes when you assemble.

No accidentally wiring the bass to the tweeter.

Also, no soldering necessary.

Highest Quality Control

The top industry players perform a full laboratory test only on 1 in every 50 drivers made.

SB tests every single of their Satori driver goes through the full Klippel lab test to ensure they match exactly to the golden reference.

As such any driver bought at any time is a match to another and the tolerance is tighter than matched pairs from other brands.

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