Blue [bloo]

The idea of unlocking human potential that would open doors into the expanse of the blue ocean.

Tangelo [tan-juh-loh]

A hybrid endowed with the goodness of the tangerine and the pomelo. Like us, our team has the industry-backed experiences to provide tailored solutions for your training and development needs.

Hi There,

Welcome to BlueTangelo. We are a boutique learning and development consultancy with the ambition to affect change on people so they could perform at their optimal level. Whether it is for an individual or an organisation, we help people develop character and competence, so they empower themselves and others to do better.

BlueTangelo is founded in 2015 operating in Singapore, Malaysia and territories where clients are based.

The Story

The global management consultancy, McKinsey & Co, has mapped out scenarios suggesting that up to 30 percent of current work could be displaced by automation by 2030. The silver lining, however, is other types of jobs are likely to be created using our inherent human qualities aka soft skills. Analytical and creative thinking, complex communication, leading and collaborating, and being adaptable are just some of the personal attributes that indicate a high level of emotional and social intelligence. Companies today are seeking these soft skills more than ever as they are broadly applicable across job titles, industries and changing times.

Our Training Philosophy

We facilitate all training workshops through the inquiry-based approach and learner-centred principles using a variety of learning methods and activities. The impact on the learners can be observed through high retention, sustained engagement, and activated behaviours through mindset change.

There is no one size fits all approach to training

We can right-size a training solution for you. Check out our suite of training workshops