8th Grade Math


The above website will be used often by students and parents. The website works best using a chrome browser.

  • Program: Choose the Topic and Lesson (example: Topic 2 Lesson 4)
      1. Each Lesson includes examples and Notes including "Key Concepts".
      2. Each Lesson includes practice problems and MathXL's. MathXL is practice problems with built in "Question Help".
          • "Help Me Solve" - breaks the problem down into steps.
          • "View an Example" - shows a complete example work out with steps.
          • "Video" - A video with a teacher explaining the steps to the problem.
          • "Glossary" - key terms defined and explained
          • "Math Tools" - Tools to help with problem
          • Homework Help Demonstration Video

3. Each lesson includes quizzes with reteaching or enrichment activities.

4 Each lesson includes "Virtual Nerd" video tutorials.

Daily Homework can be found at Daily Homework List on Archbold Middle School website.

  • Daily Math Homework is usually posted around 3:00 p.m.
  • Absent students are required to use this link to find and "make up" the homework.