With the agricultural abundance of the Finger Lakes, no one should struggle to put healthy food on their table. 

Just Harvest began several years ago as a meat-buying cooperative and in 2022 it expanded to include farm-fresh fruit, dairy, eggs, and vegetables.  

Like CSAs (community supported agriculture shares), you receive a set share of high-quality, local-farm-grown food four times/month, twice/month, or once/month (whatever works best for you). 

The meat share (at least 10 pounds) includes base items every week (ground beef, chicken, bacon) along with a rotating selection of "farmer's choice" items.  "Farmer's Choice" could include specialty bacon, stew beef, sausage, roasts, steaks, pork chops, etc.  Because the meat is local and fresh, selections vary based on availability.  We do offer a "no pork" option for those who cannot eat pork.  The first Friday of every month is a meat share that has no processed meats (no sausage, hot dogs, deli meat, or cured meats).

The dairy-produce share is offered weeks 2 and 4 of each month and includes 1/2 gallon of Ithaca Milk, one dozen free range eggs, Red Jacket Orchards juices, fruit, vegetables, and yogurt.  This box often includes a surprise or two!

You can choose meat only, dairy-produce only, or both!

or email us:  justharvest@blueprintgeneva.org

We offer the weekly share at a discounted price for EBT/SNAP payments, courtesy of a grant from the Greater Rochester Health Foundation and the New York Health Foundation!