Price List for Blue Heron Studio's Rendering Services.


House Rendering $500-$1200 PER IMAGE

Interior Rendering $400-900 PER IMAGE

Commercial Rendering $600-$2000 PER IMAGE

High Rise Exterior Rendering $1500-$4500 PER IMAGE

3D FloorPlans $500-$1250 PER FLOOR

2D Colored Floor Plans $400-$900 PER FLOOR

2D Black & White Floor Plans $400-$900 PER FLOOR

Product Rendering $250-$800 PER PRODUCT

Animation $80-150/SECOND

*The price for floor plans can change dramatically depending on the files supplied by the customer. Principle, Designer, Workstation, and Additional fees are not included in the prices above.

What Is 3D Rendering?

3D Rendering Buyer’s Guide


Rendering time is the amount of time that it takes a computer to create your image. This is directly related to how realistic the image is, and how much detail you require. However, there are many tricks to create detail without adding much rendering time.

As a consumer, you should not worry too much about rendering time: that is the job of the rendering company! We provide the information below to help you understand why some projects cost more, and take longer, then others.

What increases rendering time?

Depending on the rendering software, the number of light sources can sometimes greatly affect rendering times – thus, exterior scenes can render quite quickly. Another factor is the detail of the scene. The industry term for this is poly-count, which refers to the number of polygons used to model the scene. For more information, you can check out Wikipedia’s 3D modeling page here.

A common element that greatly increases detail, and therefore rendering time, is foreground vegetation, background vegetation is generally optimized with a technique of using billboards or sprites. Additionally, curved surfaces tend to require much more detail.

Reducing rendering times

The biggest single thing you can do to reduce rendering time is to reduce the number of required revisions by giving detailed plans and specific feedback. Every time you require a revision, some or all of the image needs to be re-rendered. If you require fewer revisions, it will require less rendering time. This may save you money in the long run – at Blue Heron Studios, we generally price lower for returning customers, who we know we can work with efficiently.

Hardware and software effects on rendering time

With the constant improvements in computer hardware and the changes in rendering software, rendering time for still images is becoming a very minor factor in price. However, the rendering time for animations is still a very relevant factor in their production cost.

Post Processing on 3D renders

Once a 3D rendering program has created a rendered image the work is typically not completed for the architectural rendering artist. Adjusting color balances, adding special effects or populating the image with an entourage is typically done in the final stages of the rendering process with Photoshop or a program such as Gimp. Because this stage of the production is not generated by a computer but rather, painstakingly incorporated into the images by hand it is only done once a camera angle and lighting has been established.

The 5 things that you must remember:

As mentioned earlier, there is an extensive range of prices that 3D rendering companies could charge you, irrespective of whether you are a buyer or a developer. Affordability cannot be ruled out when it comes to making the final decision. However, there are a few factors to consider while judging the price quoted by the companies:

    • Standard pricing is impossible in this industry, so beware of whoever tries to lure you with a high rates and a low quality portfolio.
    • Provide as much clear information when seeking a quote and even more after you have agreed to work with a 3d company. This will allow the team to be able to create your visual exactly as you imagine.
    • With enormous competition, companies attempting to mislead clients are rampant. If you find a company which tries to sell you a decent looking image at impossibly cheap prices, try cross-questioning them or asking for previous records. Many overseas companies tend to have stock images that they use to mislead customers into buying their services.
    • Picking a company that has good customer service and communication skills is a must. This will relieve you of the repeated revisions that you might have to make if you end up choosing the cheaper options.
    • The difference between $700 and $2000 might not be visible to the naked eye initially, but when you dig deeper, factors like communication, quality control, skill levels, frequency of revisions and perfection of the end product emerge as the answers to your query.

Paying a price for reduced involvement

Customer Service and communication plays a big part in 3D rendering. If your concerns, information and advice is not being listened to this can cause the whole process to become extremely frustrating. The main problem with this is time for revisions! The price you pay is the cost of you and your clients not being able to meet deadlines.

When working with Blue Heron Studios, we encourage you to give as much clear information at the start of the job so frustration and revisions can be limited allowing you to have a stress free experience without having to supervise us.

Cost versus quality.

Ask any 3D rendering company the price for a render, and they will ask for the exact details because publishing costs before knowing the needs of the customer is almost an impossible task and if they don’t, proceed with caution.

For an image to reach out to the buyer and interact with them, it needs to have an edge. High quality renders take time and experienced skill. There will be customers who would happily settle for an inferior quality image at a low price, but we encourage you to contact Blue Heron Studios for a quote because we usually are just as affordable and provide much more appealing images.

The Main Pricing Components

Whether you are developing a large or small project, these two pricing components are bound to affect your budget. If you are expecting multiple detailed and complex renders, there is every possibility that labour costs will shoot up because better work will require more skilled and experienced labour.

Additionally, while labour is a factor, the time taken to for the servers to use computational power to compute the render is also a concern; more so for the rendering company because it finally adds up to labour costs. The point here is that rendering high quality images takes a very powerful super computer and it takes a long time. The reason for this is that rendering a low quality image, the computer has to compute less data and polygons to produce the final image. Whereas, a high quality image has many more polygons to compute.

The size of your final image is also a very big factor. The smaller the image for let’s say for a brochure, doesn’t take as long as rendering an image for a billboard. This is because the computer has to spit out less pixels making the computation time much quicker.


Design skill set includes typical Construction and Design Documentation standards as well as phase based processes. Using a BIM integrated system a client can fully immerse themselves into their new dream. Below are works of Front Elevation, Ceiling Plan, Section, Interior Elevations, Door Details, and Wood Framing.

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