Other Training

Safe Buddy - $75

The Safe Buddy program is designed to educate uncertified freedivers and aquatic-minded people in the safety and rescue techniques necessary for breath-holding. This program will help to increase safety awareness during recreational breath-holding/freediving activities. This course does not include any instruction on increasing freediving performances or improving personal freediving technique.

Learn to safety freedives that exceed recreational limits of 40m/132 feet!

The PFI Safety Freediver course instructs competent and comfortable freedivers who have successfully achieved the PFI Intermediate Freediver certification. The course teaches advanced safety and problem management for freedives past recreational limits of 40m/ 132feet. Divers will also learn how to respond to emergency situations utilizing Diver’s Alert Network’s First Aid for Professional Divers program.

  • Safety and Buddy Procedures for Advanced Freediving
  • Equipment for safetying dives beyond 40m/132’ such as lanyards, and counterbalance systems
  • Psychological Aspects of handling emergency situations

First Response Training

- Adult, Child & Infant Emergency Care

- Child & Infant Emergency Care

- Workplace CPR/AED

- Bloodborne Pathogens

- O2 Administration

Offered DAN Classes

+ Diving Emergency Management Provider

- Basic Life Support: CPR and First Aid

- Emergency Oxygen for Scuba Diving Injuries

- Neurological Assessment

- First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries

+ Diving First Aid for Professional Divers