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Chelsie Sells, STEM Coordinator



STEM Program Highlights 

Welcome to the Heritage High School STEM Program

We are proud to offer integrated, STEM education  at Heritage High School. Our STEM Initiative has resulted in the assembly of several STEM Studios. We use the term studio to describe the unique “school within a school” model used at Heritage to offer STEM education.

Students have the ability to participate in various STEM studios where each studio has a unique curricular focus. Students within each studio have the ability to pursue classes that use integrated, STEM based instruction particular to their area of interest. As students pursue their coursework, they will have the chance to candidate for official acceptance into the studio of their choice.

Once accepted, students advance through the curriculum in their STEM studio with the goal of completing the requirements for a STEM Endorsement on their diploma. On their journey toward endorsement, students will have the opportunity to conduct original research, participate in mentoring programs, connect with industry and business leaders, collaborate with fellow students, participate in competitive STEM related programs, and engage with the professional community in their respective fields. 

Click on STEM Studios in the menu bar at the top of the page for information about our STEM program as well as a list of the requirements for earning the STEM Endorsement. You may also select one of the STEM Studios from the drop-down menu for a list of courses available which meet the requirements for the 6-credit STEM course of study.

Students may click this link to access the STEM Program Google Classroom

*must be logged in to your blountk12.org account to access

Class Code: i6el6om

Contact Chelsie Sells, STEM Coordinator, for more information

Congratulations to Bronwen Hall and Hayden Giffin on winning awards at the 2023 Southern Appalachian Science and Engineering Fair at the University of Tennessee Knoxville.