Are you looking for resources to help you learn about implementing technology-enhanced instruction? Consider these online courses.

This site has been created to provide educators in Blount County Schools with support in creating an atmosphere for continuous learning with GSuite for Education. With tools offered through GSuite and other Edtech platforms, students will be able to continue the educational journey when not in the school building.

Please reach out to teachers, principals, and counselors for support and assistance as needed. Let us know how we can best support you.

Information Sources

Cleaning Protocols

  • Hospital grade disinfectant and multipurpose cleaner used daily in all classrooms, clinics, and restrooms

  • Faucets, handles, doorknobs, desks, and all other touch surfaces disinfected daily

  • Clorox 360 at each high school

  • Antibacterial foam handwash at each sink

School Health Protocols

  • Hand washing procedures

  • Avoid touching mouth, eyes, nose

  • Covering cough

  • Staying home with fever or other symptoms

Google Classroom Quick Start

Blount County Schools utilizes Google for Education. To help organize and communicate information, our teachers are using Google Classroom. Below are a few short tutorials on some of the frequently asked questions that we have experienced.

Video #1 - How do I access Google Classroom and create my classes?

In this video, learn how to access Google Classroom and set up the online classroom environment. Repeat this process to create a classroom for each course needed.

Video #2 - How do I add students and guardians in Google Classroom?

In this video, learn how to add students to your class by giving them a code or by adding email addresses for a direct invitation.

Video #3 - How do I add materials in Classroom?

In this video, learn how to add a Google Meet to the assignment so that students will be able to use their computer to join you for live instruction.

Video #4 - How do I create and assign Classwork to my students?

In this video, learn how to create and add assignments to Google Classroom so that students can access them at any time.

Video #5 - How do I add a quiz from Google Classroom?

In this video, learn how to easily create a quiz in Google Classroom. This works in conjunction with Google Forms.

Video #6 - How do I use the grading tool in Google Classroom?

In this video, learn how to

Video #7 - How do I use the Classroom Stream?

In this video, learn how to use the Classroom stream to organize instruction in a manner that clearly communicates the instructional expectation.

Google Classroom: FAQ

Q: My students struggle with the Stream. Is there an easier way to organize the page?

A: Yes! You can teach students to use the classroom tab to see the assignments in the order you have selected. Many teachers create an image, to remind students to use this tab.

Q: My parents say they are not receiving notifications for the student. What is wrong?

A: For parents to receive notifications, three things must happen: the teacher must turn on the setting and the parent must have been invited by the teacher and accepted the invitation. Parents may need to check spam folders to find the invitation.

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