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Hi there, I'm Charissa. Do you ever wish that you can say, “shutup?” Being assertive is not something that is taught in society. We are taught to be nice. The guilt of trying to make everyone happy while trying to make ourselves happy is overwhelming and can be challenging. For many people dealing with anxiety, stress, or trauma, it can be difficult to develop healthy boundaries. Navigating the world while dealing with anxiety, stress, trauma or all three creates obstacles that we often time need assistance tackling. Oftentimes, people go on day by day unintentionally minimizing their trauma by saying “it really wasn’t that bad." Not realizing the trauma they have endured really does have lasting effects on their lives. Together we can learn how to effectively cope with our traumas, implement firm boundaries to protect ourselves, and figure out ways to make ourselves happy by putting our needs and wants first. 

Using trauma-informed therapeutic interventions, we can work to find coping skills that work for you. We will work at your pace because you are the expert in your life. You can expect to feel liberated in your decision-making, affirmed that your feelings are valid, and feel empowered to be assertive in ways you thought you never could. You will be treated like the unicorn you are. In working with me, you will be seen, heard, and supported. 

I specialize in working with individuals with PTSD, Sexual Abuse, and Child and Adolescent therapy. I love working with teenagers and exploring their interests while building up their strengths. I like to know what type of shows they watch (ranging from anime to comedies) and what type of music they listen to while using all of it to build rapport and identify their strengths. Many teens have social anxiety, and I like teaching them ways to lessen their anxiety while not pushing them too much. Therapy is at their own pace. I’m just here to support them. 😊   I am also interested in working with people with Domestic Violence, Stress Management, LGTQIA relationships and other sexual minorities, Kink/BDSM-identified individuals, Issues of racial and cultural identity, Abandonment, Family Conflict, and Self-Esteem. 

Mental Health Therapy

Contact Me: 321-209-2005 to keep everything HIPAA compliant.

Insurances I accept: Aetna, Cigna and Evernoth, Optum, Oscar Commercial, ComPsych, Oxford,  and United HealthCare

Self Pay/:  $125 per session. 

I also have a sliding scale for people who do not have insurance. I partnered with Open Path Collective and offer sessions for $40-$70. There is a $65 start-up fee to join Open Path Collective:

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