4th Grade

Mrs . Sperduto's


Welcome to 4th grade!

Reading is the best way to keep your mind active and build upon vocabulary. Students should be reading at least 20 minutes every night. Students that read succeed. I am looking forward to hearing about all the books you will be reading throughout the school year. We will be having "Book Talks," Book Reports, and children will be writing about their reading.

Writing is another important skill. It is important to keep a personal journal at home. Children will be writing across the curriculum. In our class we will have "Story Time" in which students will be sharing their stories with the class.

Addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts should be committed to memory. If the children memorize their multiplication facts, the work will be easier for them. So get some flashcards and practice, practice, practice.

I'm looking forward to a productive, successful year!

Mrs. Sperduto