6th Grade

Mrs . Sperduto's


Welcome to 6th Grade!

"Mathematics is the queen of science, and arithmetic is the queen of mathematics." Carl Friedrich Gauss

I am happy to be teaching my favorite subjects this school year, math and science. Welcome to an exciting year!

Our math program is called Connected Math. It is a full math curriculum for middle school grade 6. It is a problem centered, designed for classroom use, and based on NJ Standards. The program seeks to make connections within mathematics, between mathematics and other subject areas, and to the real world.

Students will be tested throughout the year on divisibility rules. This will help them in many areas of mathematics immensely! Students need to study this well.

Addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts should be committed to memory. If the children memorize their multiplication facts, the work will be easier for them. It is mandatory, that in 6th grade, the children are very comfortable with these fast math facts.

Our science program is called TCI...Brings Science ALIVE! It is designed to guide young learners to observe and understand how the world works around them. TCI is align with the the Next Generation Science Standards. Each unit offers a cohesive, phenomenon-based story-line. Each investigation begins with students observing an engaging phenomenon. Students have opportunities throughout each investigation to express ideas. Bring Science Alive! offers Internet Tutorials for each lesson. Student can use the tutorials to test and retest themselves. Lesson Games come in a variety of formats to help motivate students and keep them engaged with each lesson.

I'm looking forward to a productive, successful year!

Mrs. Sperduto