All About SATs/CollegeBoard

Miss Farrell

The goal of this course is to familiarize parents with the processes involved in a student’s journey in applying to college. Parents will be presented with essential information regarding the SATs (how and when to register, what to expect, a breakdown of scores, etc.), (how to create an account, free test preparation and college resources, etc.), as well as Naviance (portal for uploading and submitting applications to college). This course is designed for any parent or guardian whose child is in grades 9-12. If you are interested in finding tools and resources to make the college preparation/selection/application process easier for your child and yourself, this is the course for you!

BHS Tech for Parents

George Agens

This course will provide a brief overview into the technology initiatives at Bloomfield High School. In addition to the 1:1 Chromebook program, we will take a deep-dive into several specific tech tools (including Google Classroom, Gmail, Calendar, etc). Technology will be provided.

Communication Strategies that Build Connection

Helaina Altabef

If you're tired of fighting or feel shut out of your teen's life, join educator and coach Helaina Altabef of Tame the Teen for a some savvy solutions. She'll share some of her best tools for communicating with your teen. Learn how Tame the Teen's 5C's: calm, clarity, communication consistency, and confidence can end the power struggles and bring on the peace at home. More information can be found here.

Credit and Credit Cards

Jo Ann Bonfante

The course will provide parents with information regarding wise credit card use and financial decisions, credit card debt, credit card comparison, and credit scores.

Getting to Know our Town, Bloomfield

Michael Doyle

"Getting to Know Bloomfield" will provide BHS families with an insider's look at the formal and informal opportunities available to students and their families in our town. The course would highlight the myriad formal activities available through the Bloomfield Recreation Department and local organizations (LL, GSA, BSA, Talent TIme, etc), and then explore hidden jewels in our town (Clarks Pond, Halcyon Park, the tow path along the Morris Canal, Third River, Brookdale and Branch Brook Parks, etc.).

Google Extensions and Apps for School

Michael DiMasi

The goal of this class is to provide parents with the resources that will help them to collaborate and work with their students on writing. In addition, the course will show parents how to support and help their students with reading on a daily basis and building a culture of reading.

Making the Most out of BHS

Rachel Goldberg

We will be discussing the exceptional programs BHS offers. These will focus on courses and extracurricular activities that will make BHS a positive experience.

Parent's Guide to College USA

Lisa Basile

In other parts of the world, going to university is as simple as graduating from high school and filling out a simple application form. In the US, it is a process that is more involved. For newcomers to the US or for parents who have not gone to college themselves here, the world of college applications, college visits, choosing the right school for your child, how to pay for tuition, etc can be overwhelming and confusing. In this Parent Academy class, I will explain the difference between community colleges and 4 year colleges and universities, SATs and ACTs and how they affect or don't affect college admissions, college applications and essays, visiting schools, etc. We will also discuss some alternatives to a traditional college. English/Spanish instruction.

Preparing for the College Application Process

Adrienne Feraco

This course will provide an overview of the college applications process. Highlights will be using Naviance, researching and visiting colleges, The Common App, and the steps to apply to college.

Stress Management for Teens and Parents

Elizabeth Kennedy

The course will cover stress management for teens and parents. We will review different ways students may handle stress as well as positive coping mechanisms parents can talk to their children about. It will also cover the importance of self-care and stress management for parents.

Understanding the Role of the Crisis Counselor's at Bloomfield High School

Cindy Sherman & Heather Cannon

BHS has a Student Support Center staffed with two licensed Crisis Counselors. We perform risk assessments (drug and mental health)counseling assistance as well as advocacy support for students and their families. We work closely with teachers, administrators and the child study teams. We are a centralized resource for BHS students and staff to ensure that everyone has access to supportive mental health services.