Health Office

Physical Examination

To comply with State Law (NJSA 18a:40-4) pupils in the Bloomfield Public School system are periodically scheduled for a physical examination. Mandatory physical exam required for all 7th grade students and new students entering the district. Parents/guardians plan to have your family physician examine the student. The examination should be done prior to September 30th.

Medication Policy

All medication, including over the counter medications, should be brought to the Health Office. The medication will be kept locked at all times, as students are not allowed to carry any medications in school. Before any medication (prescription/nonprescription) is administered by the nurse, the following information must be provided: a doctor's note that states the purpose, dosage and times the medication should be taken as well as the termination date.

Physical Education Excuse

A student must have a note from a doctor in order to be excused from physical education. The doctor's must include: The reason for the physical education exclusion; specific dates of exclusion, definite date of re-admittance to class or date of next doctor's appointment.

Crutch Use

Students must have a doctor's note in order to use crutches in school. The doctor's note should also allow for the student to have extra time to get to and from classes as well use of elevator in school.