About me:

  • Bloomfield local since 1983
  • 11 years teaching at Bloomfield High School
  • Proud parent of two BHS grads (Class of 2000 and 2004)
  • Retired pediatrician--I was a "van doc"
  • Clammer, yeast farmer, gardener, mammal

Welcome to Room B361

Honors Biology: a class for freshmen and sophomores, exploring life

Honors Anatomy and Physiology: a class for juniors and seniors, exploring the human body

Contact info:

  • mdoyle@bloomfield.k12.nj.us

Why I teach:

Watch a child at play on a mudflat. The unfolding drama at the edge of the sea holds a lifetime’s worth of study and joy. Same could be said for just about any patch of Earth under open sky.

I want all kids to know this.

We are here together on a planet, inextricably linked to each other and to everything else alive, and to many things not. Many of us live in worlds that are but shells of the natural one defined by dirt, water and sun.

I want all kids to know this.

I teach about the natural world, or rather, how we think about the natural world. There are moments when the classroom is humming, when students tend to their fish, their wheat plants, their sow bugs, or their slugs. The natural world is worth knowing.

I want all kids to know this.