Mr. Wynne's

Art Class in

Carteret and Oak View School

Welcome to Art! I have the honor of introducing you to the fantastic world of creation and imagination that develops in the art classroom. We are going to be doing some awesome projects that use many different kinds of materials; including messy ones! I look forward to watching your art skills develop and most importantly, watch you have fun! I look forward to seeing you this school year!

About Me

I am currently completing my second year as an art teacher in the Bloomfield School District and I love it. I am a 2015 graduate from Montclair State University and I have the privilege of teaching art in grades K-6 at both Carteret and Oak View Elementary School. I have also had the honor of being the chess coach adviser for the students in Carteret.

When I am not teaching , I spend time with my family and friends. My wife and I enjoy the outdoors and love taking our dog on hiking adventures . Teaching art is my passion. I have the privilege of teaching students concepts and techniques of art and then witness them use this knowledge to create their own masterpieces. Being able to help students find their creativity and individuality in art as they complete their projects allows me to share their feelings of pride and accomplishment when they finish, This upcoming year I will be furthering my education by taking the first steps in obtaining my Master Degree in Fine Art.

If you have any questions please contact me!