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Highlights of New Features from Blackboard upgrade Summer 2018

New way to make course available

Instructors can see the availability state of the course and change the state from the main course view.

All privileged users in a course see an open or closed padlock representing the availability state of the course to students. This is in the course edit management areas with tools such as Student Preview and the Edit Mode toggle.

Note: Currently, the course availability status and toggle only appears when the default module page is set to be the course content area.

To make course available, follow the steps below:

  1. in your course main view, click course documents,
  2. locate the padlock icon at the upper right corner in your course, a locked padlock means Course Unavailable to your students,
  3. click on the padlock to make the course available.

Chemistry notation support

The math editor found in the Content Editor has been updated to a newer version of WIRIS. This version adds tools specific to chemistry including an embedded periodic table of elements.

Grade Center cleanup

Instructors can now more easily clean up their grade books by deleting multiple columns at once. Selected manual and calculated columns are removed completely. Selected columns associated with gradable items are cleared of attempt and grade data but remain in the Grade Center.

Warning: Deletion of columns and the data contained therein cannot be undone.

Improved grading with rubrics

When grading with rubrics, the grader can now save feedback and the content will remain saved when changing the rubric's view from in-line to full screen.

Blackboard was upgraded to Q2 2017 during the winter break. The following are the new features and improvement.

Inline Grading with New Box View

Blackboard now uses a new online grading service – New Box View. Comparing with the previous service (Crocodoc), New Box View offers several improvements over previous including improved rendering fidelity and expanded support for new file types.

Watch YouTube video on how to use Box View to grade assignments

Working with annotations in New Box View

Instructors and roles with grading privileges

  • Must assign grades, and in the Ultra Course View, post the grades, before students can view annotations.
  • Can’t edit or remove existing Crocodoc annotations in New Box View as the annotations are “burned” into a PDF during migration.
  • Can add or edit New Box View annotations after a grade is assigned. However, when delegated grading is enabled, only instructors can add or edit annotations in New Box View after grades are assigned.

New Blackboard Mobile App

Blackboard released new mobile app this fall. This time, there is a separate app for instructors and for students. Blackboard app is available in Apple, Google, and Windows app stores now. Free download and free use, no fee required. More info...

Course activity reports

The Course Activity Overview report has been updated to improve the experience for larger enrollment courses. Instructors can filter the report and break down the calculations of student activity by course groups.


Instructors can send email reminders from Grade Center columns to students and members of groups who have missing coursework. Students receive a system-generated email that lists the course, coursework, and the due date if included.

Click the link on the right to watch the video demo >>

Submission receipts enhancements

Students can receive a notification email for each assignment attempt with information about the submission including attached files. Students can also access receipts at any time on the My Grades page in the submissions filter area.

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