Digital Learning

& Certifications

Let my expertise in Microsoft, Google, and Apple help your teachers get certified! I offer 4 certification courses for educators that will prepare them towards becoming certified.

All certification prep courses are delivered either on-site or online. Cost is $199 per educator. (Discounts available for volume purchasing.)


Google Certification Boot Camps

Our one-day Google Certification Boot Camps are professional learning opportunities designed to jumpstart your Google Certified Educator exam prep. Receive detailed instruction directly correlated to the exam questions and activities in an intimate setting of no more than 30.

Plus, at the close of your one-day boot camp, you will receive a FREE exam voucher allowing you to take your Google Certified Educator exam on your own time.

Microsoft Innovative Educator Academy

Take an immersive deep dive into OneNote, Forms, Sway, Office 365 and Teams in Office 365 for Education for teaching and learning. Learn how to expand the walls of your classroom using Skype in the Classroom and the online Microsoft Educator community. Participants will earn "Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator" status after attending this one-day course

Apple Teacher (+ Swift Badges)

"To receive recognition as an Apple Teacher, you’ll review learning materials and take quizzes to earn badges in the Apple Teacher Learning Center. You’ll become an Apple Teacher once you’ve earned all eight badges in either the iPad or Mac collection. You’ll also receive an official Apple Teacher logo to share with the world." - Apple

Being an Apple Professional Learning provider has equipped me with the skills to help your teachers prepare and learn what is essential to earning an Apple Teacher certification. You can choose path, iPad or Mac, along with teaching you how to learn coding with Swift, Apple's open language platform.