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Educational Technology Consulting

Caitlin is an award-winning educational technology coach, author, and consultant who implements innovative solutions to the challenges of teaching and learning in the digital age. Caitlin provides services related to curriculum and instructional design, educational research, instructional coaching, and professional development.

Curriculum and Instructional Design

Caitlin is the author of several self-paced online courses, including:

Educational Research

Caitlin works with academic institutions, educational nonprofits, and individual schools to conduct educational research related to topics of blended/distance learning, information and media literacy, and technology integration. Specific research skills include data collection, literature reviews, mixed methods data analysis, and report writing. Recent projects include leading an unfinished learning study (with The Learning Accelerator) and a literature review for the California Digital Learning Integration and Standards Guidance (with ISTE).

Instructional Coaching

Caitlin works with a range of clients to provide instructional coaching in a variety of professional learning and school settings, including:

Professional Development

Caitlin helps educators gain confidence and knowledge in using the technology tools available to them to best meet student learning goals and outcomes. Caitlin provides independent professional learning services and also partners with educational consulting organizations to design and implement both pedagogy and tool-based learning experiences for educators and school leaders from K-12 charter, private, and public schools across the United States.