Second Grade

Writing: For the First Quarter our young authors will work with Personal Narratives. Their stories should be about small moments from their lives (things they do or things that have happened to them). We look for beginnings, middle details, endings, connecting and sequencing words, good word choices, legible handwriting, appropriate spacing, and using capitals and periods, commas, and quotation marks where needed. Action, feeling, and sound words help bring voice to these writings. Students will also write during the Work on Writing portion of their Daily 5.

Math: Students will work in Topics 1, 2, 3, and 4 from our Pearson Envisions Resources. Many math games and activities will be incorporated into our learning. Flexible groupings will occur as we finish assessments. This will allow for further differentiation. Our skills and concepts will vary some by ability. General concepts are listed with each topic. Additional resources are on our website. First Quarter Flash Cards are plus and minus 0, 1, and 2. A set will be sent home with your child. Please use these to study at home.

Topic 1: Understanding Addition and Subtraction

Topic 2: Addition Strategies

Topic 3: Subtraction Strategies

Topic 4: Working with Equal Groups

Reading: Journeys is our Reading series. We will refer to the Lesson # for each week. Resources for these weekly lessons are on our website. Friday afternoon students will be tested on the vocabulary and the grammar skill for the week. If you want more information to help your child with these skills, please refer to the home letter and focus wall on our website as well as other resources available. Along with our Journeys common skills, we will have guided reading targeting specific skills in small groups at each child’s level. Those not working with a teacher will be participating in the Daily 5: Read to Self, Read to Partner, Listen to Reading, Word Work, and Work on Writing.

Journey’s Lessons 1-7

Science: Plants; Animals (Living Things and Life Cycles)