Second Grade

Writing: Third Quarter Writing will focus on Informational Writing. One of these writings will be a President Report. Students will be expected to teach readers some important points about a subject. The writing should include different parts, with each part telling different information regarding the topic. Sentences should be complete and make sense. There should be a variety of sentence lengths and word usage. Writings should also include appropriate use of commas, contractions, spelling, capitals, and punctuation. Most days, students will also write during the Work on Writing portion of their Daily 5, which occurs with our reading rotations. On Mondays students will write about one moment from their weekend. Tuesday students will write a letter to the class Star of the Week, Wednesday students will write a book report over the Journey’s class story for the week, Thursday students will write in their own journals.

Math: Math Facts practiced and assessed this quarter will be adding and subtracting 10 and using doubles.

Students will work in Topics 7, 9, 10, and 11 from our Envisions resources. Many math games and activities will be incorporated into our learning. Flexible groupings allow for differentiation. Our skills and concepts will vary some by ability. General concepts are listed with each topic. Topic 7: Mental Subtraction, Topic 9: Subtracting Two-Digit Numbers, Topic 10: Place Value to 1,000, and Topic 11: Three-Digit Addition and Subtraction.

Reading: Third Quarter will include lessons from Journey’s Lessons 16-23. Resources for Journey’s weekly lessons are on our class website. Students will usually bring home the words for the coming week on Friday. Friday afternoon students will be tested on the vocabulary and the grammar skill for the week. If you want more information to help your child with these skills, please refer to the home letter and focus wall on our class website as well as other resources available. Along with our Journey’s common skills, we will have guided reading targeting specific skills in small groups to differentiate. Those not working with me will be participating in the Daily 5: Read to Self, Read to Partner, Listen to Reading, Word Work, and Work on Writing.

Science: Landforms

Social Studies: Unit 4: People at Work (Earning, Spending, Saving, and Economics); Unit 3: Ways of Living (Tradition, Customs, Diversity, and Culture). Martin Luther King, Jr. Day will also be explored and discussed.

Guidance lessons are usually twice each month.

**Please be sure to check your child's Home folder for papers each night and send the folder back to school with your child. Class papers, books, and notes go home daily. Also, please visit our school and class website often: Under Schools, click Deerfield; Under Directory click the teacher’s name; Under My Classes click Second Grade. Language Arts, Math, and Science resources are located on our class web sites. Please use these (including ixL, XtraMath and Raz Kids) as needed to keep learning progressing and FUN! If you have any questions, concerns, or would like further resources, please feel free to contact me. THANK YOU for all your help and support.