Testimonials from friends and members of BFCC.

Tom Putney: The congregation I am walking with on my faith journey is the Black Forest Community Church, UCC. We are a spirit-led community that listens to our still speaking God. We provide sanctuary by inviting all persons to be with us and walk with us, no matter where they are in their faith journey. Our vibrancy is in our united response to where and how the Holy Spirit calls us to be disciples in the forest and beyond by doing justice, loving kindness and walking humbly with our God. This is a community that exists to be sure that nobody is excluded from Love. Where are you on your faith journey?

Steve Murtaugh: Well, we’re a small, active and progressive Christian community in BlackForest.We believe that God still has a lot to say to each of us and we’re creating a safe, inviting space where everyone feels welcomed and supported in listening and responding to whatever God is speaking to them.If you’re looking for a church with a family feel to it where you can really make a difference you should come by and visit.

Marta Fioriti: God is still speaking at Black Forest Community Church, United Church of Christ. We are spirit-led and trying to unfold the kin-dom of God in our midst. Our vibrancy is infectious. Our community is defined more like a verb than a noun. We acknowledge the priesthood of all believers. Meaning, the people of the church do the work of the church. More than anything, we strive to be inviting to all people no matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey. You are invited to belong and be at peace at BFCC, it truly is a sanctuary.

Jon McGrew: The Black Forest is inviting with nit’s quiet calm, warm feel, and the wind whispering through the pines. Black Forest Community Church offers the same promise of comfort and sanctuary. Being an O&A church in the UCC, all are welcome, always. You will be greeted with a smile, seated among new friends amid beautiful stained glass murals, and experience a pertinent, spirit led sermon. You will find a congregation known for kindness and community service. The BFCC family exemplifies it’s vibrancy in many ways. Two of which are a highly regarded, Christian based pre-school and a participation in the Black Forest Festival that is rivalled by none. Please join us for a Sunday Service and you too will be welcomed.