Our Vision and Ministry


In Christ’s vision, he encouraged his followers to care for the needs of others, to love the Lord God with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength, to teach and be taught the Scriptures, to be “one” in fellowship, and to share in the sacraments.

The Black Forest Community Church seeks the vision of Christ to make it our own.


  • The church has a strong mission outreach. A special focus is planned for each month through which ministries of care in our community or around the world are supported via funds or actual personal involvement.
  • Through worship, study groups, Sunday school and devotional emphases, we are encouraged to learn the Scriptures and to love the Lord.
  • Following each Sunday worship service, an intentional fellowship is planned in Hardesty Hall (our fellowship room) for all who worshiped with us that day. All are welcome and encouraged to participate in this special time together and to eat from the food that is provided.
  • The first Sunday of the month, everyone is invited to the Lord’s table as we share in the open Communion of the Holy Sacrament.

Philosophy of Ministry

The Black Forest Community Church’s mission is to seek the vision of Christ, making it our own. Jesus placed high priority on the individual. As a result, the church gives focus to personal expressions of concern sometime during each worship service: be it prayer, ministry events, or clarifying information. This reflects the emphasis of our belief in the integrity and autonomy of the individual and the corporate Body.

This is further emphasized by the nature of how the church does its mission in the community where it finds itself, as well as in the larger world. The church seeks to empower individuals and ministries to become and live out their fullest potential wherever those possibilities are expressed. Therefore our buildings, ministries, and services are always open and available to all and anyone who desires to make use of them.

Fellowship and care is woven into the fabric of our life with one another through the sharing at the Lord’s communion table and through the sharing of food in Hardesty Hall following ministry experiences. Thus the bond, that makes us one as a church family and fosters our unity in the churches mission, is nurtured into strength.

Because we believe in the integrity of the individual, we provide ways that each person can discover his own giftedness in relationship to the church and then provide avenues through which that giftedness can bless both the individual and the gathered body that consists of the church.




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