Join our Faith Family

Are you interested in joining our community of faith?

We are eager to get to know you better! We look forward to learning about your family or household, what gifts you have and are willing to share with the BFCC. Becoming a part of BFCC will more like a covenant.

Covenant means a spiritual promise to do church together- a committed relationship to and with the community.

It is our way of saying that you are a “member” of our church community. Being at BFCC will be more like a community than like a country club. It will be more like a gathering of shared values, deep conversations, shared meals and thoughtful rituals, than like a party you might attend. It is a place where you can share all of who you are, your dreams, your hopes, your challenges so that we can all do ministry together and find out where God is in all of our relationships.

This church is full of hard working, engaged people...We envision that if you are a part and feel like you belong, that it will be a reciprocal relationship. When you covenant with us (or become a member) we hope that you will participate in a variety of ways:

When you covenant to a church, you make an agreement:

  1. to gather in corporate worship on Sunday
  2. serve the ministries of the church to the best of your ability
  3. have awareness of our mission and vision
  4. financially contribute as you can.

If you are considering or already participating with BFCC, we hope you will covenant with us. We will announce our inquiry and orientation meetings and our membership Sundays when we make official our covenant together.

If you are interested in learning more about this process, please contact the church office (719) 495-2207 or contact Pastor Marta Fioriti, (719)306-4037 or