For those who would still like their contributions made automatically, many banks do offer a free “bill pay” service, where you can set up a regular payment to be sent to the church. Some in our congregation already use this method to make their weekly or monthly contributions.

If you choose this option, you may have your “bill pay” checks sent to:

Black Forest Community Church

6845 Shoup Road

Colorado Springs CO 80908

You may also mail a personal check to the church, if you wish to keep up with your contributions and are not able to be in church. Or just double up the next time the collection plate comes your way.

In 1939, twenty dedicated, hard-working folks hand-built the Black Forest Community Log Church. This group included Edith Wolford and her husband!

This was the first church in the Forest.

Thus, the Catholic, Baptist and Mormon congregations all held their services in the Log Building, until they built their own places of worship.

Since the very beginning, the Log Church has been used by many Black Forest organizations, including the Boy Scouts of America and Alcoholics Anonymous.

In 2016, the Black Forest Log Church PROUDLY became listed on the Colorado Historical Registry.

Over the years, nature has taken its toll on this beautiful building. Critters have gnawed on the hand-hewn logs, and water has rotted the wood. The Black Forest Community Church members have faithfully attempted to maintain this historic site, but now, YOUR HELP IS NEEDED!

This year, grant money has been bestowed for the restoration of the Log building, with the requirement of a 25% match, $5,500 of the total cost of $21,900, from the community. With these funds, the exterior of the "Old Log Church" will be restored to its original condition. Projects to include stripping paint, replacing chinking, and repairing wooden double-paned windows.