Multigenerational Faith Formation

More Faith Formation

Mid-Week Ministries on (most) first Wednesday of every month, from 5:45-7:15 pm. Potluck and multigenerational programming. .

Once a month we will gather the whole church (children, youth & adults) to break bread together (pot-luck) as Jesus did with his people and engage together hands-on learning. In October we learned about World Communion Sunday, in November the theme will be "Giving Thanks," in December will will learn about the Season of Advent.

Faith Lab Centers

Forming Faith Across Generations

What is a Faith Lab Center? It is a space where children, youth & adults can experiment with faith learning. Like a scientific laboratory, it is a place created specifically for people to go and wonder about science… or I mean faith. At the faith lab centers children, youth and adults can come and wonder, create and learn about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. It is a place to be messy and experimental.

How do you use the Faith Lab Center? Following worship (at 11am) all are invited to our Fellowship Hall for treats, drinks and conversation. During that same time on specific Sundays (not all Sundays), there will be centers set up for individual learning. Instructions and materials will be provided for independent learning or for parents and other adults to guide the young ones. Some might want to gather materials and take them home for at-home learning.

Adult’s Program

Our adult’s program offers a deeper, faith-enriching experience for those that are new to the church experience as well as those that are life-long practitioners.

Here are some of the options for Adult Faith Formation:

1. We believe faith is deepened in the whole worshipping community. Like children and youth, we encourage and invite adults to participate in our multigenerational programs. We believe this type of engagement and relationship building is transformational.

2. We offer contemplative small groups. These are scheduled almost once a month. Great thinkers such as Thomas Merton are discussed. Please call the church office for more details.

3. We also offer a gathering called Uncomfortable Conversations. Our hope is to bring together groups of folks with varing opinions and values to have important conversations in a safe space. We believe that this kind of relationship building is also transformational. Please call the church office for more details.