Faith Formation For Children & Youth

Some of our quite prayerful activities for our children & youth during worship.

We LOVE our Families

Black Forest Community Church, United Church of Christ enthusiastically welcome children as participants in worship.

  • To help our children feel welcome in worship, we have created a PRAYground in the back of the sanctuary. Anytime throughout the service, children (pre-k-5th grade) are invited to that space.
  • Children can either sit in the PRAYground with other children or grab a clipboard and other materials to take with them as they sit with their family in the pew.
  • For older children or youth, encourage them to participate in the responsive and/or unison portions of the liturgy and to follow along with the bulletin. Also, encourage them to put down their electronic device during worship.
  • Although the lessons and Gospel readings are printed in the bulletin, you may also encourage them, or help them, to find the verses in the pew Bibles and follow along.
  • Pray the prayers with your child/youth, teaching them to listen for the prompt so they can join in with the common response.
  • Sing the hymns with your child/youth, If they are very young, encourage them to stand, holding an open hymnal. They’ll feel important and grown-up.
  • Give your child an offering, not matter how small, to put in the offering plate. If they don’t have financial resources, invite them to put their whole hand in the center and bless the gifts or place a hand written prayer.
  • Children and youth are welcome to come forward and take Holy Communion on the first Sundays of each month.
  • We believe that children and youth learn to worship by worshipping.
  • Remember: Our pastor and most parishioners are NOT bothered by restless children, and we are glad to have you worshipping as a family.
  • Discuss the worship service with your child/children and youth on the way from church. Children and youth often receive more from the service than we might expect.
  • Mark your calendars for the first Wednesday of each month for Family Night! This is a time to break bread together as Jesus did with his people (potluck) and also participate in Faith Forming activities for children, youth & adults. 5:45pm @ the church.

We love children and hope their worship experiences with us are positive.

Please check out Pastor Marta’s blog post on PRAYgrounds:

All young ones are invited and encouraged to worship with the whole worshipping community.

Teenagers leading worship.

Children preparing communion.

Words of Wonder with the Pastor

For our Babies in the Narthex

If parents get tired of being with baby in the Sanctuary then can rock and play in the Narthex

Our PRAYground

Our prayer ground is set up for volunteer adults to worship while children prayerfully engage worship.

It is nessled in the back of our sanctuary amongs the pews.

We acknowldege the multiple intelleginces. Some young ones need to work and worship at the same time.