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MetaMask Extension: Download, Installation, Login, and Troubleshoot

Over the past few years, the whole world has witnessed the influence of digital assets. Cryptocurrency is a popular and lucrative investment into which today everyone wants to dive. A decade ago no one could ever have thought that Crypto will soon be going to rule the global market. But it does. The digital currency has been successful in creating an imprint in the minds of the user. It has made people filthy rich out of newbie investors. 

However, the advent of technology has given safety assurance to cryptocurrency storage. Still, there are some loopholes, taking advantage of which hackers can steal this virtual asset. From the beginning, Cyber Attack has always remained a concern and created distress in the mind of investors. At times like this, an efficient crypto wallet has been introduced to safeguard from cyber crooks and hackers.

In this article, we will emphasize the popular crypto wallet --- MetaMask also known as MetaMask Extension. Undoubtedly, crypto is a good investment, especially for those who want to increase their wealth. 

What is MetaMask Wallet?

In the world of Crypto, owning a wallet is necessary for safe and secure storage. You can’t trade on blockchain transactions unless you have a compatible blockchain wallet. This is where MetaMask comes in. MetaMask is the default wallet for Ethereum and EVM-compatible networks. It is specifically designed for the ETH buyer to facilitate ease of use buying and selling currency, and offer high-end safety to this digital currency. 

How to do MetaMask extension Login with password?

MetaMask is a MetaMask chrome extension android mobile that enables an easy interplay with dApps. If you are well-familiar with crypto and blockchain technology, then it will be easy for you to comprehend about MetaMask.

In a way to login into your MetaMask account with a password, follow the steps given below –

Download and Install MetaMask Browser Extension

The Ethereum wallet links the gap between the user interface for Ethereum (For example - DApps) and the daily web (Google chrome, Mozilla firefox, websites). If you are new to the crypto world and want to have this application on your system, follow the steps to download the MetaMask for different web browsers which are as follows – 

MetaMask extension for Chrome

Once the installation is done, the page will appear. Then, click on it and Get started. 

MetaMask Extension for Firefox

MetaMask Brave extension 

MetaMask extension not working

MetaMask wallet is known to provide a sense of trust and reliability to crypto traders. Likewise, in other applications, the MetaMask extension is prone to technical issues owing to varied reasons. What if you see the MetaMask extension not working? Your head obviously will strike with the question – “how to get this issue resolved?” If you are facing this concern, consider the necessary steps mentioned below –

Solution - 1 Restart the MetaMask App

There are chances that your MetaMask app is not working properly due to technical flaws, and glitches. So, before applying any other steps to resolve, it is advisable to restart the application and examine whether it is working or not. 

Solution - 2 Reboot the device

In case, just restarting the MetaMask app won’t help you get through the issue, then probably your device may have some impaired storage or the RAM has some corrupt temporary files due to which the device functionality gets affected. 

So, you must try to reboot your device as it eliminates the RAM and gives your device a completely fresh beginning. By rebooting the device, you will find that the MetaMask concern will get rectified. 

 Solution - 3 Examine your Internet Speed

You must have a reliable Internet connection to get smooth access to the MetaMask app. You are encountering this because of the Internet issue. No matter what you use, be it mobile data or Wifi, you have to ensure it is properly working. To do so, you can check the Internet speed. 

Solution - 4 Check if the Server is Properly working

Make sure MetaMask servers are working correctly. The team developer must have informed you about the concerns with the servers. You might have missed the message from the developer’s end at the time. 

Solution - 5 Wipe out the cache data 

Sometimes the culprit behind the MetaMask extension not working would be the cache files in the app itself. So, you must remove the cache files to get this issue resolved. Here’s how you can do this – 

So, these are some of the tricks that will help you resolve the MetaMask not working trouble. Try the above-given steps to resolve it. If you are not able to fix the issue, take technical support assistance from professionals.

Bottom Line 

Hope this article will be helpful for you to know about MetaMask in a comprehensive manner, execution of download, and installation of the MetaMask extension on different browser settings. You will learn the fix of the trouble “MetaMask extension not working.” if found.Enjoy uninterrupted and smooth trading with MetaMask!