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KuCoin: Signup, Account Recovery Steps, Issues, and Fixes

You may find various online trading platforms for cryptocurrency available on the web. But finding a reliable and secure exchange in a vast marketplace is like finding a needle in a haystack. Let’s make things easier for you. Here, we are going to introduce a reliable exchange – KuCoin, that comes under the top 10 crypto exchange across the globe.

Being a user, you can stay assured of a safe, smooth, and easy-to-use application. KuCoin crypto exchange is popular for its easy and smooth trading benefits. KuCoin login enables you to trade on digital assets like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, ripple, and so on. User can enjoy huge selection of cryptocurrencies relatively at low fees as compared to different crypto exchange. It facilitate benefits like staking and margin, P2P trading, which attracts an experienced user to trade.

Amongst the top cryptocurrency exchange, KuCoin login exchange is a platform that gives more than crypto services (buy or sell cryptos). It also gives investors lending benefits to earn interest.

What is KuCoin exchange?

KuCoin also referred to as “The people exchange” is a safe and easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange platform for the global audience to trade on crypto assets. The platform features a trading bot, margin trading, futures trading, lending, and so on. It has its own cryptocurrency. If you accumulate some of its coins, you can procure an amazing discount on trading fees, and earn a good return.

What is Trading Password?

A trading password is a 6-digit number that is quite different from a 2FA password. Users can’t buy or sell/ exchange without a trading password. You must know the current trading password to configure a new trading password. However, in case you have forgotten your current trading password, then you can even set a new trading password with just a few simple steps.

Any alteration or change in the trading password restricts the withdrawal from KuCoin login for the next 24 hours.

KuCoin Sign-Up Process

With the KuCoin trading platform, users can avail a variety of services apart from crypto trading like lending bitcoin, lending cryptocurrencies spotlight IEO, and so on. If you're new to the crypto arena, then you can kick off your trade journey with KuCoin. You just need to download KuCoin app on your device. Then create an account to sign up to start trading. Follow the given below steps to complete KuCoin Sign up process which are as follows -

Step - 1: Sign Up

Sign-up is necessary to start your Crypto journey using a valid email address or phone number. Later, after sign up you can do kucoin login with e-mail.

Step - 2: Enter the Verification Code

A verification code will be sent to your given email address or phone number. It all depends on the type of method you have chosen.

Step - 3: Configure your Password

After you sent the code, the next step comes involving setting a password to finish the registration process. As the registration gets completed, the user can start trading on cryptocurrency.

Reset Or Change KuCoin login Password

In case you have forgotten your KuCoin login password, you need to reset the password. Follow the given below tips to move ahead –

  1. On the login page, click the “forgot password” option.

  2. Enter the registered e-mail address or phone number.

  3. Click on the “Send code” button.

  4. Check your mailbox or phone message to verify an email verification code or SMS code.

  5. Click on submit option after entering the verification code you have received.

Note: Before you input the e-mail address/phone number, make sure it is registered with KuCoin.

KuCoin Common Issues and Troubleshooting Steps

Certainly, a KuCoin login is an amazing application that offers easy-to-use and versatile features to its users. Still, there are some issues that users commonly ask for while taking support assistance. Below we have mentioned several issues along with the troubleshooting steps. So, read it carefully -

How to deal with KuCoin Login Problems?

If you have KuCoin login or account related concerns, consider the below steps -

  • Your KuCoin server may be down, and owing to this, you will be facing trouble. Therefore, try to log in after a few minutes.

  • Check your data connection. There might be some problem to your mobile data or Wifi.

  • Make sure the details you have entered are correct according to your knowledge.

  • In case, you are using 3rd party social networks to sign in like Twitter, Facebook, or Google. Examine if the service is properly working or not by heading to the official website.

  • Read the error messages carefully. Your account might have been deactivated for the operations.

KuCoin App Installation Issue

  • Consider your wifi/Internet connection for connectivity.

  • Do inspect your mobile storage space. In case, you don’t have enough space in the disk, the app set can’t be installed.

  • Check if the application you are installing supports the Android version.

KuCoin not working properly

Several situations that cause issues in Android apps are –

  • The server may be down owing to which you are facing the loading concern. So, try after some time.

  • Check your data connection. Your wifi/mobile data connection is not working appropriately.

  • Several users might be using the same application simultaneously. This can be a cause of the issue. Avoid such circumstances, and use it after some time.

Conclusion –

Thinking to opt for KuCoin as your crypto trading platform? This blog is for you! Read this carefully. Hope you have become well-familiar with the KuCoin – steps to KuCoin login, KuCoin account recovery, and troubleshooting steps. Referring to this blog you can enhance your awareness of this profitable trading exchange.

Frequently Ask Questions

How do I access KuCoin?

You can easily access to KuCoin using your login id and password. Once you enter your login details which you have set while signing up. KuCoin page will open where you can see different options for trading. So you can easily start trading on cryptocurrency.

How do I withdraw money from KuCoin?

  1. At first, you need to log in to your KuCoin account.

  2. KuCoin will open.

  3. Then, click on Assets.

  4. Select Withdraw option. The option will be located at the upper corner side of the mobile app interface.

Can KuCoin link to a bank account?

Yes, you can link KuCoin to your bank account. There are several methods through which the app support transactions using paypal, bank transfer, zelle, and other different ways. To do this, please attach your phone number, configure your trading password, and complete the KYC process. Then, you can set your payment method by clicking – Buy Crypto>P2P>Payment Settings.

You can add payment method -

At the Payment settings page, click “+”, select the payment method, fill in the relevant details, and press the “complete” button.

How much does KuCoin charge to deposit?

There are no charges for deposit fees. Yes, it does have set withdrawal fees that rely on the crypto token’s market condition. However, GAS and NEO are of no charge. However, the withdrawal fees will remain lower in the market.