Deliver high quality and broad range of IT expertise

Our consulting practice focuses on the following interrelated areas of engineering expertise. Within each consulting practice we offer various services:

  • Project Management

  • Enterprise Architecture

  • Solution Architecture

  • Software Engineering

  • Systems Engineering

  • Infrastructure Engineering

  • Business Process Management

Engagement model

Our client engagement model is multi-tiered and the clients are free to select which engagement tier is appropriate for them. For any additional questions or details please contact us.

  1. At the consulting tier, our engagement is to understand clients' challenges, analyze the issues and deliver a comprehensive written report on the possible solution(s)

  2. At tier 2, we engage with the client, provide all of the tier 1 services above, and deliver a Solution Concept with suggestions for applicable technologies

  3. At System Architecture, we provide Tier 1 and 2 services and develop a System Architecture based on the signed-off requirements from the client. If the client requires it, we provide a system model.

  4. In tier 4 services, we develop a detailed system engineering design based on System Architecture developed in tier 3 earlier by us and guide the development team in the implementation. If the client so desires, we can provide additional IV&V services to ensure the correct implementation of the design

  5. Tier 5 is the most comprehensive tier of our services which includes a complete turn-key system developed and maintained by our engineering team covering all activities described in other tiers

Contact us if you have questions about our service offerings and additional details.