Reveal the invisible

EFEX and Bitforge united their expertise to enable you an unique experience. Enter the world of augmented reality and imagine a new world of possibilities.

Holorace is a demo app developed especially for you.

Augmented Experiences

Download & install the android app here or the iOS app here and place your phone above the map (download printable version here) to discover a new reality.

Offering an augmented reality experience to your customers will stun them and ensures that your message reaches its target.

Race Car

City Map

X Ray


Bring an amazing experience to any mobile device

3D Emotions

Trigger strong emotions by inviting visitors to an intense experience


Introduce a new way to access unlimited, interactive content

Crossmedia Animations

Spread your message cross-channel through high-end 3D animations


Entertain and increase your audience's engagement


Innovate to surprise and make your marketing approach unique