On the Horizon

Welcome to On The Horizon, a student-created online newspaper focusing on what's happening here at Horizon Middle School. Each of the 8th grade Communications & Collaboration classes will be publishing one issue of the newspaper per year, so you can expect to see a new paper approximately every three weeks. This will be the place to go to find out what's going on at Horizon! The students brainstormed many possible names for the paper last year and ultimately voted for On The Horizon. You can see the result of the votes in the pie chart below.

Each class gets to choose what they want to write about, so sections may vary from paper to paper. Once they choose sections, they get to come up with story ideas. Then they will write research questions, gather the evidence needed to answer them from a variety of different sources, write their articles, and finally publish them here where they are able to include multi-media into their stories. ENJOY!!