ReINnovating Blended Environments

WELCOME! We have two opportunities this summer to work on (re)designing lessons for Blended Environments:

  1. Asynchronous ReINnovation summer workshop (multiple days w/ flexible scheduling)
  2. Lesson ReINnovation with Dr. Scott McLeod (1/2 day events) - June 26th

Asynchronous ReINnovation Summer Workshop

Assessment Academy Participant Communication.pptx

REGISTER HERE for the Asynchronous ReINnovation summer workshop.

  • $200 stipend, and 1 grad credit available
  • Attend a Launch event to begin, and a Sharecase to end
    • Many opportunities for just-in-time support in between
    • Many options for Launch and Sharecase

Don't miss out! - Lesson ReINnovation Workshops with Dr. Scott McLeod

ReINnovation edit_p@.mp4

REGISTER HERE for one of two half-day sessions (8:00-12:00 or 12:30 - 4:30)

  • $100 stipend
  • Door Prizes for collaborative teams
  • Great ReINnovation of lessons for ALL!