3D Printing

  • Create accounts on both Thingiverse and Tinkerercad.
  • You can look for designs created by others on Thingiverse to print.
  • You can create your own designs on Tinkercad
  • Upload your design to Thingiverse
  • Get the link from Thingiverse for items you want printed!

Guidelines for 3D Printing:

  • The cost for items is 10 cents per gram - You will pay AT LEAST $1.00 per item, but larger items will cost more.
  • Please request only 1 item at a time. After your item is printed, you can request another.
  • Select items that have little or no support material. You are charged for support material.
  • When looking at designs on Thingiverse, look at the "made" tab to see photos of designs that have been printed so you will see what it will really look like.
  • Full-size helmets, masks, weapons, etc...cannot be printed. You may print models or small-scale versions.
  • Weapons such as guns, swords, or items with sharp or pointed edges cannot be printed.
  • Items with many parts or that are multi-colored will be printed at the discretion of Mrs. Morgan. You will be contacted by email if she has any questions.
  • You may print items from Thingiverse or your own designs from Tinkercad. If there is a problem with your design, Mrs. Morgan will contact you by email.

*All proceeds from this fundraiser will be used to purchase filament for the 3D printers and other makerspace items.

  1. Copy link for the item you want printed by highlighting the url and ctrl +c. In the form, hit ctrl + v to paste it.

If you see a message like this on Thingiverse, there is a good chance that this will not print well. Find another item that does not have this message.