3D Printing

  • You can look for designs created by others on Thingiverse to print.

  • You can create your own designs In Tinkercad

Guidelines for 3D Printing:

  • The cost for items is is based on the weight of the item in grams. You will pay AT LEAST $1.00 per item, but larger items will cost more.


  • Please request only 1 item at a time. After your item is printed, you can request another.

  • Select items that have little or no support material. You are charged for support material.

  • When looking at designs on Thingiverse, look at the "made" tab to see photos of designs that have been printed so you will see what it will really look like.

  • Full-size helmets, masks, weapons, etc...cannot be printed. You may print models or small-scale versions.

  • Weapons such as guns, swords, or items with sharp or pointed edges cannot be printed.

  • Items with many parts or that are multi-colored will be printed at the discretion of Mrs. Morgan. You will be contacted by email if she has any questions.

  • You may print items from Thingiverse or your own designs from Tinkercad. If there is a problem with your design, Mrs. Morgan will contact you by email.

  • YOU WILL BE CONTACTED BY EMAIL WHEN YOUR PRINT IS COMPLETE. Please allow 3-5 days for your print to be completed.

*All proceeds from this fundraiser will be used to purchase materials and maintenance for our 3D printers.