About Me

Name: Sharon Rowe

Birthday: March 11, 1978

Hometown: Joshua, TX

College: South Western University

Teaching Experience: Thirteen years total-before I taught at Kerr I taught at Taylor Elementary.

Married: Yes. My husband is also a teacher. Fact: My husband and my brother have the same first name. Yes, it took some getting use to at first. Awkward! We married on December 13, 2014 (notice the date).

Kids:No, but we have four fur babies! Otto, Lady, Pink, and Lola

Why I started teaching: Both of my parents were teachers here in Burleson, so it was in my blood. I finally decided to go into teaching when I saw the eyes of a small boy putting together a puzzle for the first time. I had spent all day teaching him how to do it. When he put that last piece in the correct place, he jumped and spun around with sparkling eyes. He hugged me and continued to complete every other puzzle in the room. I was hooked on seeing that "light bulb" go on over the heads of children.

I am so excited to see your child grow and learn this year. It is going to be an AWESOME year!

I love to read, swim, and spend time with my loved ones!

I love the older movies from my childhood: Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, Titanic, Money Pit, and Breakfast Club.

I love most kinds of music. I was addicted to playing Skyrim (for a short while). I love Guitar Hero, Diet Dr. Pepper, anything CHOCOLATE and reading a great book!!!

I have been teaching for thirteen years. I started out at Taylor Elementary teaching 2nd grade and then moved to 5th grade. Now I am at Kerr and I love it!

I was not a great reader as a child, so I understand why kids struggle. I read mostly the same books my students are reading, so I can recommend and have discussions about them. If you find an interesting book, let me know!