Making Corrections

A student has the opportunity to correct their Reading assignments up to a 70.

Correcting Motivation Reading:

When a Motivation Reading passage is sent home, I have already gone over every question and answer with the students. Their graded papers will already have the correct answers marked. In order to correct the grade up to a 70, the student must defend the correct answer for each question the missed. This should be completed on a separate piece of notebook paper and stapled to the front of the passage.

Correcting AR Tests

If I read students a book, they are required to take the AR test for that story. If a student needs to make corrections for a fiction AR test, they will need to complete a Story Plot for that book. This should be completed on a sheet of paper and turned in. Please see example below.

If they need to make a correction on an AR Test for a non-fiction book, they will need to do the following:

  • Topic
  • Main Idea
  • Four Details from the book