Idiom Day

Idiom Day

When: Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Who: Everyone in 5th Grade!

What: Students will dress up as an idiom. Students may wear their props to school on that day or they can put them on during our reading class. Students must wear standardized dress to school unless the article of clothing is part of their idiom costume. NO HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!

For example: the idiom “It’s raining cats and dogs!” would be a person carrying an umbrella with pictures of cats and dogs taped to the top.

Why: We will be learning about figurative language.

More examples of Idioms: -

A leopard can’t change its spots

Against the clock

All bark and no bite

Apple of my eye

All Greek to me

Barking up the wrong tree

Cast iron stomach

Chip on his shoulder

Crack someone up

Dropping like flies

From rags to riches

Hold your horses

It’s a small world

Knock on wood

New kid on the block

No dice

Off the record