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Horizontal Lunch 10:52-11:22

Vertical Lunch 11:50-12:20

Scholastic Reading Club (book order)

Class Code: PKLWD

Classroom Wish List

If you could get these after the Christmas (during Christmas Sale or you have one that you don't want anymore), that would be awesome!

  • Christmas Tree for classroom (used one is perfectly fine!)
  • Christmas lights (used one is perfectly fine!)
  • Elf on the Shelf (girl)

2 crates with wheels

22 (or less) wobble chairs

4 iPads (does not need to be brand new)

boxes of EPSON 200 or 200XL ink (black, color set)

boxes of HP ink 902 or 902XL (black, red, blue, yellow)

boxes of EXPO fine-tip black dry erase markers

22 pairs of (kids, toy) sunglasses

boxes of Avery Labels of any size

Sheet protectors

Thermal laminator pouches

Bath & BodyWorks - wallflowers refills- eucalyptus spearmint for the classroom

Amazon Wish List:

Wish List for Kindergarten Classroom (used ones will do great!):

  • animal figures (ocean animals, forest animals, farm animals, zoo animals, arctic animals etc.)
  • Lego (not Dupulo)
  • playdoh
  • manipulative
  • math or ELA type of board games

Websites for Students


Prodigy Math Game (also available in app)

Kids A-Z (also available in app)



2016-2017 Room Parents

Jessicah Davis & Sheryl Rose

Assistant Room Parents: Michelle Greene & Amanda Fuqua

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