Mr. Rogers' Awesome Neighborhood

I'm Mr. Rogers and I'm excited for my first year here at the Academy of Leadership and Technology at Mound Elementary teaching fifth grade English and Language Arts. I've spent the past nine year working as an educator in Arlington, teaching mostly fifth and sixth grades, and I'm excited to teach closer to home! If you need anything feel free to reach out via email or Seesaw.

We Seesaw!

All the fifth grade teacher use Seesaw as an electronic means to keep in contact with students and parents. Contact one of the teachers for more info to connect with us.

Be sure to follow our class twitter to keep up with what is going on in class each week. #moundleads

Below I have listed various online resources we will be using in class. All students should have their own accounts for each of these and should know how to login and access the materials. If you are ever needing something for your child to work on or do while at home, have them use any of these sites. Some will have assignments we are doing that week, while other sites will have resources they can use to practice their skills.

No Red Ink - Our Writing Resource

Each student has their own No Red Ink account. They will log-in with their Google username and password, and will most weeks have assignments on there from class to work on writing. The site is also good for practice if you need something extra for your child to do.

Quizlet - A Spelling and Vocabulary Resource

All of the students have accounts and can practice each week with their spelling and vocabulary words.

Ed Puzzle - A Resource with Video Assignments

Ed Puzzle is different in that the students will have a video assigned by the teacher with questions that they answer throughout the video. Students have their own accounts

NEWS ELA - Non-Fiction Resource

The students will have various non-fiction assignments we will be reading from this website. They use their Google Accounts to login.

Social Studies Weekly

This excellent website has the students full Social Studies text books on it. They can either read or listen to the articles we are working on in class. Once again, they can login with their Google Accounts.

This excellent resource we use for the students to practice their typing skills, which is only going to be more and more important as we use our Chromebooks more and more.