Attendance is of utmost importance. When students are absent, not only do they miss out on direct instruction, but also they have assignments that begin to pile up. While sometimes being absent is unavoidable, especially if a student has a fever or doctor's orders to stay home, if at all possible make sure they attend every day.

In Texas, students are required to attend school no less than 90% of the time, or to be absent no more than 17 days. When students pass 17 days of absences (EVEN excused with a doctor's note and partial absences) they are subject to loss of credit. Loss of credit means that they will not be given credit for courses.

We understand that sometimes absences are unavoidable but, if a student is in any way able to come to school it is important that they attend.

BISD Attendance Letter

High School Credit Classes

As many of our students are enrolled in high school credit classes (Algebra, IPC, Principles of A/V Tech, Spanish I/II, and all Gateway courses), it is important to consider that we follow attendance policies enacted for high schools. For the first semester, students who miss 8 or more days are at risk for loosing credit in that high school credited class; students who miss 10 or more in the spring semester are at risk for loosing credit as well.

Please consider

If your student is at risk of loosing credit you will be contacted with a plan for Attendance Recovery. Students who are approaching the maximum number of absences will receive an automated message to notify you of such.

If seat time for such recovery is not made up, the student will not receive credit for the course in question.