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Book Clubs are held on Tuesdays in the library. Fall and Spring Book clubs!!

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*Library classes are held every week in the hajek library and team times are Friday from

8-20 a.m.

  • Bluebonnet Books- The program is for 3rd-5th graders. There will be 19 copies in the library and students must read all 19 and take the AR test on the book. The student can pick a former bluebonnet for #20. They are responsible for checking off the book on the library list. If the student reads all 20 and takes the AR test they will be eligible to go to a special field trip in May to Barnes and Noble and go to the fish park for a full day of fun! Please encourage your child to improve their reading and explore different genres!


Fun Learning Links and Reading Programs at Hajek:

Scholastic Book Fairs 2017-2018:

Reading Tips for Parents:

Summer Reading Challenge:

  • Students will complete a summer bingo and turn it in when they return to school to Mrs. Vernon. Two rows must be completed. There will be a movie and popcorn reward.

Book Clubs at Hajek:

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