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Book Clubs are held on Tuesdays in the library. Fall and Spring Book clubs!!

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*Library classes are held every week in the hajek library and team times are Friday from

8-20 a.m.

  • Bluebonnet Books- The program is for 3rd-5th graders. There will be 20 copies in the library and students must read all 20 and take the AR test on the book. They are responsible for checking off the book on the library list. If the student reads all 20 and takes the AR test they will be eligible to go to a special field trip in May to Barnes and Noble and go to the fish park for a full day of fun! Please encourage your child to improve their reading and explore different genres!


Fun Learning Links and Reading Programs at Hajek:

Scholastic Book Fairs 2018-2019:

November 16th on grandparents day and November 26-29.

March 11-15th.


Reading Tips for Parents:

Summer Reading Challenge:

  • Students will complete a summer bingo and turn it in when they return to school to Mrs. Vernon. Two rows must be completed. There will be a movie and popcorn reward.

Book Clubs at Hajek:

  • This year we had a Storytelling club for UIL competition.

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