Mrs. Houk

Freshmen English

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Dear families and friends,

There will be an exciting change that will be taking place in my classroom. Soon we will begin incorporating flexible (or alternative) seating. This means that when students are working they will have the freedom to find comfortable spaces around the room to work. They might be kneeling, standing, sitting, working on carpet squares, leaning on a pillow with a clipboard, sitting at a desk with an exercise ball, or sitting on a wobble stool. There are many possibilities of what this can look like in a classroom. Research shows that students are able to focus and do their best work when they are comfortable. Classrooms across the nation are changing the way student workspaces look, for the better! Please join me in helping make our classroom a successful learning space for every child. We would love any donations on the following new or gently used items:

-Pillows -Camp Chairs –Small Tables –Clipboards –Bean Bag Chairs –Stools –Lounge Chairs/Pillows

If you are interested in helping further, you can also contact me about other ways we are funding this project. Thank you so much for your support.


Mrs. Houk

Class Supply List

  • Highlighters
  • Sticky Notes (variety of size and color)
  • 3 Colorful Pens / Fine Tip Markers
  • Black or Blue Ink Pens
  • Pencils
  • Folder (brads preferred)

Classroom Wish List

  • Additional Class Supplies (For whenever supplies run low or are forgotten.)
  • Tissues (So kiddos don't have to run to the restroom for toilet paper.)
  • Color Printer Paper (For class projects and assignments.)
  • Flexible Seating Options (Bean-bag chairs, camp chairs, bar stools, lap desks, benches, etc.)