The Poly-Lingual Pen

Produced by: A Business

The portable, mobile Poly-Lingual Pen scans text and is cable of instantly translations in over 90 different languages. Easy accessible touch screen with scratch resistant technology. With this state of the art technology I have created a product that not only translates languages but also helps you learn them. The Poly-Lingual Pen has built in games that you can play on the pen or the computer. The pen comes with an adapter that plugs into the computer and constantly updates. When this is pugged into the computer it downloads the memory from the pen and creates a document that show you what you have translated the most and what you need to work on. This helps someone see where they need to improve and what they struggle with the most. The pen comes with instructions on how to access everything you need on the computer. Although if someone did not want to connect to the computer they wouldn't have to because the pen updates through the WiFi. It comes in a variety of colors and accessories there are sold separately.

The only person in this group is Jessie Butler