What's the Scoop?

What Will I Learn? Join us at Burleson Centennial High School on Saturday, October 15, 2016, for EdCampBISD's Google-PaLooza. Google, of course, is the theme. So, come prepared to explore Classroom, Docs, Forms, Sheets, Maps, Drawings, Gmail, Calendar, and Drive - plus assorted apps, extensions, and add-ons. If those topics don't suit you, suggest a topic of your own at the beginning of the day.

How Much Does It Cost to Attend? EdCampBISD's Google-PaLooza is free. However, lunch is not. So, please bring some cash for food, and take advantage of our fine Burleson eateries.

How Do I Register? It's easy. See the link below. Or, just click here.

How Does EdCamp Work? EdCamps are amazing. For starters, there are no set sessions scheduled prior to the conference. Topics to be covered during the day are decided as you walk in. After you sign in, we'll ask you to write session ideas on a sticky note and post them on a wall. (Seriously, your input is vital.) The most popular ideas will be made into sessions. From there, we'll ask members of the audience to volunteer as session moderators. How will sessions work from there? Learn more in The Rules.

What Will I Need to Bring? Steer your cursor here to find out what you'll need for the day.

What's for Lunch? Lunch is no sweat. We've got local restaurants covered here.

Join us at Burleson Centennial High School!

You'll want to be sure to turn left on Hurst Rd. to park in front of the school.

Doors will open at 8am. Sign-in, on-site registration begins at 8:30am.

Visit our Restaurant page to find a yummy spot for lunch!