"BISD 1:You" Program Information

We are excited to announce that Burleson ISD has expanded our 1:1 technology device program!

"BISD 1:You" now includes all students in grades 3 - 12!

Burleson ISD students, it’s all about you. Take the reins. Take control of your education. You have the power. Connect and collaborate. Start a conversation – because one voice can influence a community. One voice – your voice – can change the world.

It’s all about you. Be curious. Feed your passion. Turn over a new leaf. Investigate. Ask questions. Find solutions. Leave no stone unturned. Be amazed. More importantly, be amazing. Dive into the deep end. Create, compose, captivate, and inspire. Choose your path. Develop your skills. Hone your talents. Sharpen your mind. Uncover a better way, and make it your own.

It’s all about you. Burleson ISD is providing you with the tools to learn and to lead. With our 1:1 device roll out, every student will have the resources to make his or her learning personal, to make an impact, and to make a difference. Because it’s not about the technology, it’s about what YOU can do with the technology. It’s about redefining everything, creating possibilities, and designing your future. Because it’s not about BISD’s 1:1...It’s about BISD’s 1:You.

We are pleased to continue “BISD’s 1:You” program, a 1:1 (one to one) technology device initiative, which began during the 2016-17 school year. Every student in grades 3-12 will be issued a Chromebook.

Our goal is to provide the tools of the day so our students learn how to effectively use those tools as we prepare them for a technology-rich future. In doing so, we will promote student achievement by providing more opportunities for creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.

After half a decade of studying, piloting devices, training, and listening to feedback, BISD has taken the next step forward by issuing Chromebooks to all 3rd through 12th grade students.

The integration of technology into student learning supports our core mission and vision by:

  • Supporting and engaging all learners
  • Developing 21st century critical thinking skills
  • Ensuring students are college and career ready
  • Producing students who are ready to embrace their dynamic future

Students are able to immerse themselves in a digitally-rich environment where there are no limits to their learning. They are able to immediately access a world of resources to support their individual learning needs. Our teachers are able to expand instruction beyond the four walls of their classroom and extend learning with a depth and rigor that will challenge and engage our students.

In order to provide a more robust program, including enhanced filtering for student devices, BISD charges an annual technology usage fee of $30 per student receiving a device. There is a maximum fee of $50 per family. This fee will also help offset repair costs arising from normal wear and tear.

We understand that the beginning of school can be costly for families. To help, parents have the option to delay payment of the technology usage fee until October 1, 2018. Fees will be available to be paid via Family Access on August 9, 2018.

Please use the menus provided at the top of this page to find more information about this program, frequently asked questions, and helpful videos and documents for BISD students and parents.