Bountiful Burleson Garden Tower Project

The Bountiful Burleson program was created by Taylor Elementary School Principal, Ryan Timm, to champion students' healthy food choices and nurture student interest in science and growing sustainable foods. Second grade students at Taylor Elementary School grow vegetables and herbs in garden towers in the classroom. They host weekly taste tests to evaluate the taste and success of their crop.

By growing their own food, students are bringing real-world elements in the classroom to learn about agriculture, biology, horticulture and nutrition. As a result, students also take a deeper look into understanding the nutritional value of what they eat. " - BISD Superintendent Dr. Bret Jimerson


2nd Grade students at Taylor constructed the Garden Towers, filled them with dirt, and planted vegetables and herbs. Students are growing carrots, radish, lettuce, spinach, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, jalapeños and beans. Herbs including cilantro, sage, basil, paprika, rosemary, parsley, and chives are also arranged in the towers. The vegetables are harvested on a regular basis, and on Fridays, students taste test foods prepared by the BISD Food Service team that were prepared using the produce from their garden.

Girl Scouts

The program started as a pilot project. Due to its potential global impact, it was approved as a Girl Scout Gold Award Project and is being led by BHS Senior, and Girl Scout Gold Award Candidate, Rebecca Bender Jutzi. Miss Bender Jutzi meets with the second grade students on a weekly basis. At the beginning of the project, she assisted them in constructing the garden towers. Then, she led them in filling them with dirt and planting the towers. Now, the team is focused on harvesting the plants and developing data that may be shared with other Girl Scouts around the globe so that they may successfully implement this type of sustainable food system in their communities.


Community Support

This project would not be possible without the initial support of the Garden Tower Sponsors as well as the BISD Food Service and Facilities Teams. Once the garden towers are fully established and produce is harvested on a regular basis, students hope to distribute the produce grown in the garden towers to local Burleson restaurants in order to earn funds for additional garden towers and field trips to local arboretums, plant nurseries, and agricultural facilities.