uniform policy update

Parents & Students,

I want to make you aware of a change that has been made to the BHS Criminal Justice Programs current uniform policy. This year, my goal was to have every student in my program experience what law enforcement is like by implementing the uniform policy across all of my classes. After meeting with several parents and students who expressed their desire to explore the program first, a decision to revise the current policy has been made. Effective immediately, uniforms will only be required for:

  • · Criminal Justice Student Leadership.
  • · Practicum & Law 2 Students.
  • · Practicum or Law 2 students participating in a field experience off campus.
  • · Students participating in ANY volunteer opportunity or experience outside of the classroom (Community Service, Home Football Game Safety Patrols, Middle School Visits, field trips Etc.) for the program.

PLPSC and Law Enforcement 1 will NO LONGER be required to wear the uniform to class. These students will still be encouraged to wear it as it enhances their experience in our program, but will not be penalized for not wearing the uniform in class. The first 2 years of our program will be for the students to explore what the Criminal Justice Academy has to offer. There will be opportunities for PLPSC & Law 1 students to volunteer in the community or participate in field experiences outside the classroom. If a student chooses to participate, they will be required to wear the uniform.

I apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at matthew.collings@bisdmail.net.

Thank you for supporting our program and allowing me the opportunity to invest in your student. I look forward to an exciting year.

Mr. Collings

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