Counseling Department

Ann Brock Elementary School

Rebecca Auen MS, Brock Guidance Counselor

Brock Elementary School Counseling Mission

The Brock Elementary School counseling program provides child-centered, developmental, and preventive services that promote students' academic, social/emotional, and college/career readiness, at each stage of their development. Brock Elementary believes when children are provided a safe and nurturing environment they reach their highest potential.

Brock Elementary School Counseling Vision

The Brock Elementary counseling program seeks to maximize the holistic development of students in an atmosphere that recognizes and nurtures the uniqueness of the individual. The school counselor shall assume shared responsibility for the academic, career, social/emotional development of all students. School counselors provide a safe non-judgmental place for students to express feelings. Comprehensive guidance programs enhance students' interpersonal and intrapersonal sense of worth. School counselors encourage students to become independent thinkers, goal setters, life-long learners, and a caring member of their community.