All properties managed by PMI Birdy Properties come with a Resident Benefits Package. The Birdy Resident Benefits Package is $50/Month.
($10 Discount for properties that do NOT have Central A/C Air Filters).

A Few Highlighted Benefits:

~ Resident Liability Coverage (NOT RENTERS INSURANCE)
~ Monthly Air Filter(s) Delivered to Front Door
~ Resident Rewards Program thru PIÑATA
~ Credit Building Program
~ Home Buying Concierge Services thru BIRDY SALES

NEW 2021* PMI Birdy - Resident Benefit Package (Standard Package - YES Filters)

Protection Policy Program

Birdy Properties has Partnered with Rhino
Satisfy your security deposit requirement and save your cash

Apply to move into your home

Once your application is recommended for approcal you will receive an invite to sign up via email. Signing up for Rhino takes less than a minute.

Start your Rhino application

Signing up for Rhino is simple, just follow the link in the email invitation. You’ll answer a few questions that’ll help Rhino provide you with your personalized Rhino price.

Finish signing up

Complete enrollment and pay for your first month of Rhino protection. When you submit your first payment, you’ll activate your Rhino policy and successfully satisfy your deposit requirement.

You’re ready to move in!

Similar to a traditional cash deposit, you’re still responsible for excessive damage and unpaid rent.

Learn more at

Next Steps with Rhino

We personalize your price

Every renter gets a Rhino policy personalized to their unique situation. We ask for basic personal information to determine the protection you need and make sure it’s affordable.

You get flexible payment

You can pay for your Rhino policy monthly or in full. When you make your first Rhino payment, we’ll take the place of your security deposit and you’re free to move in.

We communicate with Birdy

We handle all of the paperwork and provide your leasing team with an online platform where they can find, edit, and confirm your Rhino information.

You have the same resident requirements

Rhino protects your home just like a security deposit does. If you cause excessive damage or don’t pay rent, a claim can be submitted.

We protect the Home/Unit

Rhino is NOT renters insurance. Renters pay for the protection of their home/unit similar to a deposit, NOT for the protection of their personal items.

You work with us if accidents happen

We work with both sides on every issue, but if a claim is submitted and accepted on your policy, you’ll be responsible. We’ll work together to find the best payment option.

Pet Application Process

Birdy - Pet Policy Flyer.pdf
PetScreening Utilization and Benefits for Residents.pdf