Saturday, September 28, 2019 | 8:30-2:30 | Birdville ISD | North Richland Middle School

Join other educators who want to make a difference by transforming the learning that goes on in their schools, classrooms, and beyond. Get ideas to design engaging, personalized, and connected learning experiences and environments. Learn how to create and leverage strategic, active partnerships with experts, family, and community members.

Fuse best and next innovative practices by harnessing the potential of technology and become empowered with knowledge and resources to innovate and transform teaching and learning when you return to school on Monday.

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Have fun learning while you and your team/friends learn and refine your innovative teaching practices.


Connect with like-minded educators on a mission to innovate and transform learning for students.


Get ready for tons of conference swag and door prizes donated by your favorite companies and local businesses.

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