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Watch how I perform my own lip liner for natural looking results! Plus, discover how I mix Biotouch pigments to create my own unique shade!

Learn how to assemble the Mosaic machine in easy steps! 

Ever wonder what's the difference between the permanent makeup machine and microblading methods? In this video, I discuss the differences and demonstrate the machine method on a client for natural looking brows!

In part 1 of my 2 part series, learn how to conceal and restore the color of lip scar tissue so that it seamlessly blends in with the surrounding lip color. Stay tuned for long-term healing results!

In part 2, I perform a touch-up session with my client to make minor changes to the shape and color after initial healing.

Discover how I fix a tell-tale sign of aging with permanent brows! Learn how added length and dimension will leave clients coming back for years to come.

Check out my go-to pigments for permanent makeup procedures. These trusted pigments aid in lasting color retention!