Creating a Generation of


Problem Solvers

2020-2021 Youth Education Impact

Biomimicry education fosters a different relationship with the natural world—one of learning from nature, as well as learning about nature. In this way, our Youth Education initiatives harness nature-inspired innovation and principles to help the next generation see that solutions to even the biggest challenges are right outside their window.

The 2020-2021 academic year saw its own extraordinary challenges. While there were many triumphs, the pandemic and racial injustice required educators to seek new means of delivering engaging, interdisciplinary lessons that feed the mind and the soul.

The Biomimicry Institute Youth Education initiatives do just that. We engage in biomimicry as a way to enrich science and engineering content understanding and beyond. Students connect with nature in ways that address social and emotional learning, and prepare them to face challenges with intellect, understanding, and compassion.

We also engage with educators to develop coherent biomimicry curriculum and programs and support the implementation through professional learning, building leadership, and networking.

Taken as a whole, biomimicry education is transforming education, and we are excited to share these recent highlights.

2021 was a record year for the Youth Design Challenge, our project-focused biomimicry program for middle and high school students, with the widest reach and highest participation, not to mention incredible submissions.

We are creating a robust K-5 biomimicry curriculum and development program to help kids understand how we and our designs can better “fit in” on the planet when they are inspired by nature.

We have been more active than ever in curriculum development, partnerships, presentations, and outreach, ensuring that we impact more diverse communities than ever before.

“My impact is how and what I am teaching my students, and introducing biomimicry to young minds will continue to improve our world.” - Educator, professional development participant