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enBioScan - C1 - STQC certified single fingerprint scanner for Aadhaar authentication

  • STQC certified for Aadhaar authentication projects
  • Aadhaar Pay, eKYC,
  • Suitable for Government, Telecom, Banking, Finance, Insurance industries
  • Scratch proof prism, sturdy design
  • 2 Years warranty, Long life

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BMT-20 - STQC certified Dual Iris scanner for Aadhaar enrollment

  • High speed two eye image capture
  • Fastest auto-focus with best image quality

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Biometric Software Development Kits

  • Comprehensive Development tools for developers
  • Available for Windows & Android
  • Linux available for approved projects only
  • Develop your own solutions with Fingerprint Recognition Development Kits
  • Sample source code available
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